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Texas Singer/Songwriter

"Katherine is a serious writer and performer. Her realism is amazing.
And her music can be positively heart stopping. If you’re looking for a Texas musician
with knowledge, skill, talent, and a way of expressing your own deepest thoughts and
doubts in an instantly appreciable and apprehensible manner, search her name on the internet.
I’m convinced that Katherine Dawn will be a permanent part of the Texas Music
Heritage. If you haven’t done so already – give her ten minutes. She will become a
necessary part of your own."

Bob Gray


 "As I've said so often, the best part of Texas music is being able to hear so many diverse influences shine through in a single artist's performances. Katherine Dawn becomes another point maker, as her offering is Texas music personified. "
Lucky Boyd
My Texas Music


"A roller coaster ride of sonic treats and songs that do not stop. "Wow! I am down to track 6
 and freaking out. I don't remember hearing this side of KD before. If this is a preview of the rest
of the two disc release Katherine Dawn ~25 In TX~ it is going to be one wild ride."

John Q

Born in San Antonio, TX and raised in the Texas Hill Country.

K.D. started paying dues early, and  attention to the countless mentors
of Texas music legends in her midst along the way. 
She still does, and her latest release "25 in TX" is a very interesting if not entertaining
collection of recordings from 1978-2003.

K.D. says:
"I strive to be the best person I can be everyday and am very grateful
to be a part of the universal language in our world. 
The music always leads me to the performances and people. 
My only hope is still be able to reach the goals I have set for myself, family, and friends." 

K.D.'s soaring, gusty, elegant vocals are a perfect compliment to her hard driving/delicate
style of guitar ~ acoustic, electric &  bass.
The accolades and high points are numerous of her career thus far:~



1310910572 publisher
1340459764 songwriter

Sept. 2010 Action Magazine

2010 TMC Artist of the Year

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His Hill Records